Faces of SCD Storytelling Program

Sickle cell disease exists within many different countries, ethnicities and backgrounds. SCD also exists within different forms – such as sickle cell SS or SC. We crafted this page to show that warriors of all ages (as well as health professionals and caregivers) have a voice in SCD and a platform to share their story.

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Going Beyond Storytelling

From our years of collecting stories, one thing remains true. There is power in the perspective of SCD patients and caregivers. Each story is personal, unique and deserves to be told, and it needs to be heard by decision-makers in the SCD space. With the stories we collect, we’re aiming to share back the findings of what the SCD community actually needs and believes.

Warriors with Wings

Sick Cells has been privileged to meet many brave, strong and resilient faces over the years. Warrior wings on a profile mean that this community member has passed away since our interview, but their legacy lives on through their impactful story.

Sickle Cell Community

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