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Media Mentions

We work hard to elevate the voices of sickle cell disease every single day.
Each time our message is shared in the media, we celebrate those wins for all of us as a community.
Check below for some of our media highlights – and come back regularly for updates!

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Science Might Finally Have a Fix For This Rare Blood Disorder

Ashley Valentine of Sick Cells spoke with OZY Media about sickle cell disease treatments and her hopes for the future of people living with sickle cell.

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Readout from The First Lady’s Roundtable on Improving the Lives of Americans Living with Sickle Cell Disease

First Lady Melania Trump and the Health and Human Services Department (HHS) hosted a roundtable titled “Improving the Lives of Americans Living with Sickle Cell Disease” on Monday September 14, 2020. The participants included U.S. Public Health Service officials, sickle cell patients, and sickle cell advocates including our own Sick Cells’ President and CEO, Ashley Valentine.

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Sickle Cell advocate unexpectedly dies. Family to hold blood drive in his honor. “We have a lot of work to do for his legacy.”

The Chicago Tribune released an article regarding the loss of Sick Cells’ co-founder, Marqus Valentine. 

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The National Black Caucus of State Legislators

Ashley is a Co-Founder and President of Sick Cells nonprofit. She is the youngest sibling of her family.  Her older brother and Co-Founder of Sick Cells, Marqus Valentine, has sickle cell anemia, Hgb ss.

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15 individuals recognized for their commitment to “caring for life” through blood donation and volunteerism

Fresenius Kabi announced today it has inducted 15 people into the 2019 Fresenius Kabi Blood Donation Hall of Fame.

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Blood Donations Enable Sickle Cell Patient to Advocate for Change

Living with sickle cell disease and advocating for others with the disease can pose challenges, but blood donations help provide the strength he needs to continue to make a difference.

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U.S. Pain Foundation, Inc: Marqus V.’s Chronic Pain Story

In honor of Pain Awareness Month, U.S. Pain Foundation is sharing a video story from a real person with pain each day during September.

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2019 Red Cross Blood Services Heroes

Ashley and Marqus were named the 2019 Blood Services Heroes from the American Red Cross.

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Seeing Sickle Cell as a Blood Disease

When Marqus asked the nurse at the new hospital for a patient-controlled analgesia pump—a device that allows patients to self-administer pain medication without overdoing it—she refused his request.

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How Misperceptions Can Create Barriers to Care (Podcast)

Sickle cell disease is the most common inherited blood disorder in the United States. People with the condition have sickle-shaped red blood cells and these misshaped cells can block the flow of blood and oxygen to organs throughout the body. These blockages can cause severe pain, organ damage, and strokes.

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Global Genes Rare Leader Feature

Ashley featured as a Global Genes Rare Leader.

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