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Welcome to the Sick Cells blog! This is our online forum for discussing and sharing key information
about sickle cell disease and community activities.

Through this forum, you’ll hear from Sick Cells’ staff, board members and external partners,
and of course SCD community members.

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Sickle Cell Legislation in the States

In 2022, Sick Cells conducted an analysis of existing state legislation specific to sickle cell disease. We also provide monthly updates on notable state bills. This blog highlights some of the state bills we have been covering and why they are important.

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Identifying Warrior Values in SCD Research

This blog will present the results of our recent project funded by the 2022 PCORI Engagement Award to highlight what matters most to SCD warriors and the community. This blog will also describe the importance of patient-reported outcomes and how they should be incorporated into SCD research.

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Mental Health is Wealth

Mental Health impacts almost every aspect of our lives, as it influences how we think and act. It also affects decision-making processes, how we address stressful situations and how we relate to others. This blog will share stories of warriors and their experience dealing with mental health challenges. 

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Sharing Your Story on the Hill

Storytelling is a powerful advocacy tool that provides a platform for the SCD community to express concern over health challenges. This blog shares experiences of sickle cell disease advocates who have previously participated in Hill events, and highlights the immense value of advocacy through storytelling.

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Warrior Love

It’s February, and we are Feeling the Love at Sick Cells. For us, “Feeling the Love” goes beyond celebrating Valentine’s day. It is also a time to reflect on the love we share with one another. The love we receive from our family, friends, romantic partners, etc., brings comfort and emotional and physical safety; for SCD Warriors, that feeling is unmatched. This month we celebrate the people who continue to pour love into us every chance they get. This blog post highlights several voices from our Faces of SCD Storytelling series that have captured the power of love across the SCD community.

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Chelation Therapy with Eric Kirkwood

Sick Cells sat down with Eric Kirkwood, sickle cell warrior and advocate, to discuss his experience with chelation therapy and why it’s so important for those in the SCD community.

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Stop Assuming, a Conversation with Jas

Sick Cells recently sat down with Jas (pronouns she/her/he/him/they/them)–a sickle cell warrior who is a member of the LGBTQ community–about her experience living with sickle cell disease, what she’d like to see more from her community and what gives her hope for the future. Thank you, Jas, for sharing your story. 

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Lessons From the Past: COVID-19 & the 1918 Flu

Science often looks to the future: finding the next cure, creating the next vaccine, and predicting the next outbreak. However, looking back in history can sometimes be just as useful. In this blog, we’ll explore the similarities and differences between the 1918 Flu and COVID-19. 

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It’s Your Health Journey: Self-Advocacy in the ER

Sick Cells spoke with Jemela Williams, a sickle cell warrior, about the importance of self-advocacy and how she helps herself and fellow community members advocate for themselves in tough situations. 

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Becoming a Hero: Diversifying Blood Donations

Alexis Lott is a creative, sickle cell warrior, and staunch advocate for blood donation. She runs her own business as a marketing consultant and women’s minister. Sick Cells chatted with Alexis to learn more about why she is so passionate about blood donation, especially among people of color, and how she gets the word out about her own sickle cell advocacy.

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Vacunándose Para Proteger a Sus Seres Queridos

Sick Cells se sentó con Adrienne Shapiro, la quinta generación de madres en su familia que ha tenido un niño con la enfermedad de células falciformes (ECF), para discutir la importancia de vacunarse contra el COVID-19.

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Una Luchadora de Principio a Fin: La Vida Durante una Pandemia

Sick Cells habló con Whitney Carter, una luchadora de la ECF, sobre su trayectoria de salud mental a lo largo de la pandemia. Los efectos de la pandemia del COVID-19 se han sentido en todos lados. Ha cambiado la manera en que los luchadores de la enfermedad de células falciformes (ECF) pueden obtener cuidados de salud en los sitios clínicos, pero también ha traído oportunidades para la comunidad de la ECF.

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