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Hispanic Outreach Promoting Equity (HOPE) Project

While SCD disproportionately impacts Black and African American people in the United States, there is a growing population of Hispanic-American people living with SCD and individuals who identify as first-generation US citizens. With the growing number of diverse individuals living with SCD, Sick Cells identified the need to conduct further research into the unique educational needs for the Hispanic community living with SCD. The goal of the Hispanic Outreach to Promote Equity (HOPE) Project is to understand how race and ethnicity have impacted the experiences of Hispanic individuals with SCD.



On August 18th, 2021, Sick Cells hosted a multi-stakeholder roundtable discussion with individuals from the Hispanic community who live with SCD or care for loved ones with SCD. The goal of the roundtable was to understand SCD within the Hispanic community, identify key educational gaps, and create targeted educational tools to fill those gaps. View our summary of findings in either English or Spanish below

Translated Content

As part of this project, we are translating select content into Spanish. This will be an ongoing process, check back for more content soon!

This project was funded by Global Genes’ 2021 Rare Health Equity Grant. Thank you for supporting our work.