Sick Cells and Avalere Health want to thank our Dialogue attendees for sharing so many interesting ideas which helped us create a Roadmap on how to advance care for individuals with SCD.

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Team & Founders

The Founders

Marqus Valentine

Marqus Valentine is a Co-Founder of Sick Cells. Diagnosed with sickle cell anemia, Hgb ss at 6 months old, he has had a tough time managing the disease. As a child, he spent countless weeks hospitalized. He repeated grades because he missed so much school and was even granted a trip to Disney World by Children’s Hopes and Dreams because he was given a life expectancy of 10 years old.
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Ashley Valentine

Ashley is a Co-Founder of Sick Cells and the youngest sibling of her family. Her older brother and Co-Founder of Sick Cells, Marqus Valentine, has sickle cell anemia, Hgb ss. Growing up, Ashley spent much of her childhood charming hospital playroom attendants while Marqus was frequently hospitalized for pain crises, fever, and multiple complications from SCD.
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The Inspiration:
The Valentine Family

Fran Valentine

Francesca Valentine is a nurse, the clinical adviser for Sick Cells, and a carrier of sickle cell trait. Fran received her diploma in nursing in 1982. She continued her education years later to receive her bachelor in nursing in 1992. She has dedicated her life to ensuring quality care for veterans and their families.
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Angelo Valentine

Angelo Valentine, is a Union Electrician, the comic relief for Sick Cells, and a sickle cell trait carrier. He is often known as Uncle Dude and the "laughs guy" for the Valentine family. Angelo was screened for sickle cell trait before having children. He was told that he was not a carrier. When Fran was pregnant with Marqus, Angelo learned he had sickle cell trait through blood work prior to a dental procedure.
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Kevin Valentine

Kevin Valentine is a dynamic music composer. Kevin understood at a young age how SCD caused emotional, financial, and physical pain on the family. Kevin used music as an outlet when dealing with his brother’s illness.

Currently, Kevin DJs in Europe and composes electronic music, tying together formal musical training with the various sounds that he hears throughout his life.

The Sick Cells Team

Ashley Valentine, MRes

President and Chief Executive Officer
Ashley is Sick Cells' co-founder and a recognized leader in the sickle cell community at a local and national level. She brings a wealth of experience to the field of sickle cell disease (SCD), and her knowledge and skill set continue to make a great impacts in the lives of those suffering from SCD.
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Maggie Jalowsky

Director of Advocacy
Maggie Jalowsky is the Director of Advocacy at Sick Cells. In this role, she works to engage different stakeholder through outreach efforts and the development of advocacy tools. She bridges her technical background in clinical research with her health communication skills to create content that fosters a connection, shares information, and sparks a call for action for our community.
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Abby Tainter

Operations Manager
Abby Tainter is the Operations Manager for Sick Cells. Using her experience in education and administrative positions she joined Sick Cells to help promote a company culture that encourages top performance and high morale by developing and implementing operational policies and procedures as well as overseeing onboarding and training.
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Amanda Vassall

Content Developer
Amanda is a Content Developer for Sick Cells. She is a Purdue University alumni and focused her education on PR and marketing. Amanda signed onto Sick Cells in February of 2016 as an intern where she developed a passion for working with people in the sickle cell disease community. In her current role at Sick Cells, Amanda writes the newsletter, blogs, and other content for the organization.
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Emma Andelson

Program Manager
Emma Andelson is the Program Manager for Sick Cells. As the Program Manager, she is able to use her background in Media & Cultural Studies to create new and creative social media campaigns to reach diverse audiences. She also assists in continuing to grow Sick Cells’ government affairs and policy outreach initiatives. Emma completed a Master’s in Public Administration at the University of Illinois – Chicago with a concentration in educational policy, which she uses to help amplify Sick Cells’ programs and connect with legislators at all levels. She has worked for the past few years in nonprofit development and was excited to join the Sick Cells team in 2020. Emma is honored to continue supporting SCD Warriors and advocates through Sick Cells’ programs and by providing resources.
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Ashly Bauserman

Financial & Marketing Consultant
Ashly Bauserman works as a financial and marketing consultant on the Sick Cells team through her company, Finer Finance 101. She has worked with over 300 businesses around the world over the last 5 years. Before starting her own business, she worked at Morgan Stanley as a Financial Advisor and in business development and marketing in leading language companies. She is also a University of Virginia graduate - Go Hoos!
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