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April Newsletter

This month, read on to catch a Minute with Marqus (and Chewy!), this month’s highlights, and some links we think you’ll like.

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March 2022

We’ve always been a believer in strength in numbers. Our mission cannot be fulfilled alone. It takes a community coming together to make positive change. We’re forever grateful for Marqus’s wisdom. Read about this month’s highlights and some news you can use!

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February 2022

This month, Sick Cells established its federal policy priorities for the year (more details, below) and we couldn’t help but think of Marqus’s passion for advocacy. Marqus was passionate about raising awareness in all ways from personal one-to-one peer relationship to advocating at the state and national level. Read more about it as well as this month’s highlights, Faces of SCD Campaign, and some news you can use.

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January 2022- A New Year And A Fresh Newsletter Look From Sick Cells!

New year, new newsletter! We hope you love our fresh look!

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December 2021

Hello, 2022! As we close out the year, we took time to reflect on yet another year of progression within the sickle cell disease community. The year was also met with more uncertainty amid the pandemic and challenges. Nevertheless, we continued to move forward. We listened, learned, grew and took steps to continue building a better future for those living with sickle cell, and the wider rare disease community. 

This month, we are presenting our favorite milestones from 2021. While there were plenty more than five moments—and they’re listed in no particular order—team Sick Cells thought these were worth highlighting. We’ll have some News You Can Use…but first, a special Minute With Marqus featuring our Co-Founder and President, Ashley Valentine. 

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November 2021

Happy Giving Tuesday! It’s incredible to believe we’re almost through another year. We’re so grateful for all of our supporters from advocates to sponsors to monthly donors — our mission couldn’t be fulfilled with you!

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October Newsletter

Happy November! With the end of conference season, it’s been fulfilling to see so many familiar faces and connect virtually with the sickle cell disease (SCD) community in meaningful ways. We’re always reminded of how special this community is and the wonderful work that’s being done…

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September Newsletter

Hello, Autumn! With Sickle Cell Awareness Month coming to an end, that means we’re also saying “so long” to another hot summer. From blood drives to Summits to Project SCoviD, summer ’21 was a busy one for Sick Cells, and we’re gearing up for a packed fall. This month, we’ll share the latest conferences you should have on your radar, show you how we’re celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month and recap some project SCoviD updates.

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August Newsletter

As we close out a hot August, we’re on the cusp of a very important time for sickle cell disease (SCD) warriors, caregivers and advocates across the nation — Sickle Cell Awareness Month! Every September, voices come together to raise awareness for sickle cell and the needs of the community. While many advocate year round, we are excited to raise our voices and propel positive change all month long.

This month, we’ll share the latest updates from Project SCoviD, highlight today’s Coverage for SCD Summit and conferences to have on your radar. We’ll have some News You Can Use, but first…

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July Newsletter 2021

We cannot let July end without wishing a very Happy Heavenly Birthday to our winged warrior and co-founder, Marqus. To honor Marqus’s legacy, Sick Cells hosted its second annual Celebration of Life Blood Drive. Read more about the event here!

This month, we’ll discuss our quickly approaching Coverage for SCD Summit and the latest updates from Project SCoviD. We’ll have some News You Can Use, but first…

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June Newsletter 2021

This month, we’ll honor Marqus’s legacy, share exciting grant announcements and policy updates. We’ll have some News You Can Use, but first…A special Minute With Marqus.

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May Newsletter 2021

Last month, we introduced Project SCoviD — a collaborative Instagram and Facebook account that shares important information on COVID-19 and COVID-19 vaccines as they relate to sickle cell disease. This month, we’re excited to share it is live! Follow us at @project_scovid on Instagram and Facebook, and share it with your family and friends.

In this newsletter, we’ll honor nurses, highlight recent partnerships and share important policy updates.

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April Newsletter 2021

It’s hard to think that we’ve been living through the COVID-19 pandemic for more than a year. While there have been many developments that have mitigated the threats of the pandemic, it is still greatly impacting our daily lives. As we navigate the new normal, together, we’re excited to introduce a new project that centers around the needs of the sickle cell disease (SCD) community: SCoviD.

This month, we’ll introduce Project SCoviD, reflect on recent speaking opportunities and policy updates.

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