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Latest Media Mentions

View some of our most recent media mentions. We’re proud to be featured on local
and national levels, speaking about sickle cell disease.

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Social Impact Heroes: Why & How Ashley Valentine of Sick Cells Is Helping To Change Our World

Authority Magazine, a Medium publication, spoke with Ashley Valentine about her life and work in the sickle cell community.

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Sickle Cell Cure Brings Mix of Anxiety and Hope

The New York Times talks to the sickle cell community about upcoming gene therapies.

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Press Release: IVI and Sick Cells Release the Finding Equity in Value Whitepaper

Press Release regarding Sick Cells and Innovation and Value Initiative (IVI)’s joint white paper published October 20, 2022

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Are We About to Cure Sickle-Cell Disease?

Sick Cells President and Co-Founder, Ashley Valentine, spoke with The New Yorker.

Latest Blogs

Our community has a lot to say. Read up on some personal views and perspective
from Sick Cells’ members and the SCD community.

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Sharing Your Story on the Hill

Storytelling is a powerful advocacy tool that provides a platform for the SCD community to express concern over health challenges. This blog shares experiences of sickle cell disease advocates who have previously participated in Hill events, and highlights the immense value of advocacy through storytelling.

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Warrior Love

It’s February, and we are Feeling the Love at Sick Cells. For us, “Feeling the Love” goes beyond celebrating Valentine’s day. It is also a time to reflect on the love we share with one another. The love we receive from our family, friends, romantic partners, etc., brings comfort and emotional and physical safety; for SCD Warriors, that feeling is unmatched. This month we celebrate the people who continue to pour love into us every chance they get. This blog post highlights several voices from our Faces of SCD Storytelling series that have captured the power of love across the SCD community.

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