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Annual Reports

We share our annual reports for two reasons — transparency and accountability.
This information provides a deeper dive on where we invest our time, focus and financials, helping you understand our priorities.


Annual Report 2019

This year has been special. Sick Cells has grown tremendously and our community is getting the spotlight it deserves. We’re grateful for our staff, volunteers, family and other rare disease advocates for their day-to-day support. Your time, generous donations and supportive messages do not ever go unnoticed.

In 2020, a fresh decade, we’ll continue to work to fulfill our mission to elevate the voices of those living with sickle cell. One important lesson we’ve learned throughout our Sick Cells journey: baby steps turn into miles.


Annual Report 2018

After almost two years of working as a nonprofit, Sick Cells has grown legs and is ready to start running. We are incredibly grateful for all our volunteer staff and the achievements that we have accomplished to date. We look forward to the future for the SCD community and making this condition a household name.

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