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Improving the Lives of Americans Living with Sickle Cell Disease

First Lady Melania Trump and the Health and Human Services Department (HHS) hosted a roundtable titled “Improving the Lives of Americans Living with Sickle Cell Disease” on Monday September 14, 2020. The participants included U.S. Public Health Service officials, sickle cell patients, and sickle cell advocates including our own Sick Cells’ President and CEO, Ashley Valentine.

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Sick Cells Webinar Series Part 4: Call to Action for the ICER Review

Part 4 will highlight what’s ahead for ICER’s review of SCD treatments. It is critically important that ICER get their assessment right. We will discuss ways to get involved and ensure your voice is heard during the next few months of the ICER review.

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Sick Cells Webinar Series Part 3: Examining the “Cost” of SCD

Part 3 will focus on some of the basics of health economics and terms used in value assessments. How much does sickle cell disease really cost? What is the burden on the individual and family? Patients will learn how they can get involved in these conversations about the cost of SCD.

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Sick Cells Webinar Series Part 2: Drug Pricing & Coverage

Part 2 will provide an overview of pharmaceutic supply chain and the roles of varies stakeholders. How do patients receive their medicine, and who is receiving the profit? We will answer common questions about the cost of medicine.

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Sick Cells Webinar Series Part 1: FDA Approval, Now What

Part 1 will discuss the recent FDA approvals of two new sickle cell disease treatments.  We will also discuss value assessments and their importance for new treatments emerging on the market.

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No Cuts To Medicaid

Do you have questions about Medicaid cuts? Join Sick Cells’ Artistic Specialist as he breaks down the severe repercussions of cuts to Medicaid. Remember, call your Senators and say “No cuts to Medicaid. Vote no to ACHA. No to BCRA.” The GOP’s health care plan proposes to cut Medicaid by $834 billion over the course of 9 years.

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What Are Essential Health Benefits?

Confused about essential health benefits? Sick Cells’ Artistic Specialist, Sam, breaks down EHB and how they impact the sickle cell community.

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