We’ve launched a NEW Faces of SCD Series: “Feelin’ the Love.”  We will celebrate the big and small ways we feel love across the sickle cell community. Powered by SCD warriors, we will share stories touching on self-love, community love, and the power of love.

Meet Cory

“Sickle cell and dating for me in the LGBTQ+ community is definitely tricky. However, I think the best way to navigate it is by compromising. Both people need to be in the middle to reach a place of understanding. Different people have different ways to show love. My ex had such compassion and nurturing features. He would cook all the time, go shopping for me, show affection. But I don’t want to feel like I’m handicapped. I’ve made it this far by myself – taking care of myself. Yes, I have sickle cell, but that is not my love language.

My love language is being personal and sharing experiences together, creating memories with that person I love. I love having that quality time together. I give love by ensuring my man is happy, by giving acts of love for him, and making sure he’s got what he needs. When dating, I want to make sure that I am strong and confident so I can give my partner what they need so it’s not one-sided. I don’t want my other half to feel like they have to take care of me. I don’t want them to say ‘I have to do this for Cory.’ Dating is an essential part of life. No one wants to be alone, and nobody wants to not have a partner in life. I want so badly for my confidence and health to be in a place where I can give this kind of love and receive it. I make it a top priority to understand his love language, and to be flexible and coherent to his needs.”

-Cory, SCD Warrior

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