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We’ve launched a NEW Faces of SCD Series: “Feelin’ the Love.”  We will celebrate the big and small ways we feel love across the sickle cell community. Powered by SCD warriors, we will share stories touching on self-love, community love, and the power of love.

My life is filled with moments of joy and love. As a daughter, mother, wife and sickle cell warrior, I can’t express the way I am shown daily. The support is unreal. All of my children have sickle cell traits. I started educating them about it once they were old enough to understand. They have come out with me to support various community events for SCD when I was with the non profit here in Louisiana. I’ve learned that life brings so much more if we let go and learn to love…I thought freedom meant being alone, [but] I’ve learned to let people in.

The first day me & my other half met, I got a ticket for no headlights while in the parking lot. I thought it was a sign to not date him but I was mistaken, because now we are happily married with 3 kids, 5 years and counting. I never thought I’d have my own love story to tell. I admire his heart . He’s been my strength through all the pain, grief, disappointment. Right by my side. I love him always.

I dedicated my work within the sickle cell community, Red Stick Sickle Cell, to my oldest sister who passed in 2009 from SCD, Raven. Her strength is what I will remember always and loved the most about her. Life happens on its own. You can’t always control the odds of good and bad. Sometimes we have to let go. Let go of the past and evolve into who you really are. Love your purpose. Love Life.

-Whitney, SCD Warrior

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