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We’ve launched a NEW Faces of SCD Series: “Feelin’ the Love.”  We will celebrate the big and small ways we feel love across the sickle cell community. Powered by SCD warriors, we will share stories touching on self-love, community love, and the power of love.

On Finding Love

As a sickle cell warrior, it has always been a battle within myself and the pain to love while finding a partner. I think it’s hard for me because sickle cell has never given me the space to find a partner. It’s hard when you are always in the hospital – there’s nothing romantic about how you are feeling and it’s hard to want to do anything other than rest. Plus, it’s always a conversation I have to have with the person I am interested in. Their reaction is what tells me how or if the relationship will continue. 

Challenges While Dating

When I am dating, it’s a vicious cycle of the pain holding me back from being able to do things. For example, Activities involved while dating like going out to dinner would always trigger more pain and this pushed me into a place of resentment of finding love. I don’t think anyone will truly be able to understand what I have been through and how the pain has affected me physically and mentally. 

Hope for Finding Love

I do have faith that with time and strength that God will provide my partner and they will put in the time and effort to truly learn about the sickle cell pain and things that I have been through like cancer. We can build on our experiences and grow together on a strong foundation of God. I hope my pain continues to get better and my partner helps me manage it when we meet. I do think my idea of what love will change, but I am still waiting for that day. 

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