Mary (left) with daughter

“I’m an advocate, I advocate all the time. Even in my work, I’m always talking about it. I even have a tattoo of her name and everything on there.  People always ask what that ribbon is for and then that gives me a opportunity to talk about sickle cell. What gives me hope is with the growing technology. Technology and medications are constantly changing.  With the awareness and research, I think one day in her lifetime there will be a non-invasive cure.

What I would advise is just basically take care of yourself. Have hope, try to stay positive, and teach one, reach one. That’s my philosophy of everything when it comes to sickle cell especially.

I’m [a] very spiritual person with having a real close relationship with God, that’s number one. Making sure that I eat well and take vitamins and things of that nature. That helps me, and then try to exercise and just keep a positive support system.”

– Mary, mother and caretaker of a child with SCD, hgb ss

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