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Memo: November 30, 2021

RE: October & November 2021 Policy Update


October and November have flown by! After a short all-team retreat in D.C. during the beginning of November, Sick Cells is ready to close out the year and excited to start on 2022 projects. First, see what we’ve been up to in Q4…

  1. Sick Cells prepped two advocates for a Wisconsin Medicaid meeting
    • Meeting on November 3, 2021
    • Committee discussed formulary placement for all SCD treatments
    • Two Sick Cells Ambassadors & SCD Warriors shared their experiences living with SCD and seeking coverage
    • Current formulary placement: 
      1. Hydrea, Endari – not on PDL, PA required
      2. Droxia, Siklos, Hydroxyurea, Oxbryta – not on PDL
      3. Adakveo – No information available
    • Recommended changes by committee: Move Droxia, Endari, and Siklos to the PDL. Oxbryta remains non-preferred,  no mention of Adakveo, Hydrea, or Hydroxyurea.
  2. Sick Cells released a special memo on the Orphan Drug Tax Credit
    • Find the memo here
  3. Sick Cells hosted two priority topic meetings for Ambassadors (PTMs)
  4. Sick Cells announces 2022 Ambassador Policy Forum dates
    • The 2022 annual event will be held virtually on March 22 and 23rd. Attendees must be enrolled in the Sick Cells Ambassador Program.


Please contact info@sickcells.org with questions.

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