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At Sick Cells, we are dedicated to developing programs that educate, inspire and mobilize individuals to create community and policy-level change. That’s why we’re seeking your support in advancing our education and advocacy programs. Become a Sponsor or Champion today, and help improve the lives of people with SCD.

Corporate Sponsorship

Getting involved at any level is easy.

There are four corporate sponsorship levels available:

  • Gold Level Sponsor ($250,000)
  • Silver Level Sponsor ($100,000)
  • Bronze Level Sponsor ($50,000)
  • Supporter Level Sponsor ($25,000 or below)

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Champion of Sick Cells Gifts

In addition to corporate sponsorship, you can help support our important work by being a Champion of Sick Cells. By making a gift today, you can help us achieve the following:

Champion Gift of $5,000:
Your donation supports the collection and production of ten stories from sickle cell advocates in the field – stories that aim to eliminate stigma associated with sickle cell disease and empower the community. 

Champion Gift of $2,500:
Sick Cells can train two sickle cell advocates through the Sick Cells Ambassador Program. Your donation also creates educational tools for SCD advocates to inform policymakers about SCD in their state.

Champion Gift of $1,000:
You can sponsor an intern for one month. Sick Cells interns will receive intensive training and professional development skills. Likewise, each intern that works with Sick Cells learns about sickle cell disease growing the SCD community’s network of advocates.  

Champion Gift of $500:
Your donation will allow us to host an online forum to train the sickle cell community and health care professionals. Sick Cells hosts online forum to share information,  receive feedback from the community, and share best practices.

Sick Cells recognizes and thanks all of our Sponsors and Champions for their generosity and support.

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