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Coverage for SCD Summit 2021


The Coverage for SCD Summit provides a collaborative forum to discuss the changing landscape of healthcare coverage for sickle cell disease (SCD).  This meeting brings together payers, providers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, patient groups, researchers, care teams, and policymakers to discuss ways to tackle the complexities of coverage and access to SCD treatments and care. We will share ideas on the latest strategies to measure value, improve patient outcomes, and better navigate healthcare costs.


Registration is past for this event. We’ll make announcements on social media and our newsletter for 2022’s Coverage for SCD Summit.

Conference Info

With rising costs, persistent health inequities, and gaps in care access, there is a heightened focus across sectors on new approaches to achieve better health outcomes for patients with SCD.  This four-hour virtual summit will explore innovative ways stakeholders are approaching these challenges. Attendees can gain insights on the development of more patient-centered value assessment methods for sickle cell and learn from case studies accounting for the patient’s perspective on what constitutes quality and value.

Who Should Attend?

  • Managed care organizations 
  • Health plans and payers
  • Government health programs
  • Employer groups
  • SCD providers and clinical care teams
  • Researchers
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers 
  • Patient groups and patient advocates
  • Policymakers



Additional event details including speakers will be available soon!


Thank you to each and every sponsor for your contribution and commitment to improving access and coverage for SCD treatments and care.

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